Scientific Steering and Executive Committee members

The main role of the SSEC is to make propositions to the Governing Board (GB) on the project work plan, budgets, and other matters necessary for the project advancement and success; and to implement the project orientations approved by the Governing Board. Those responsibilities include:

  • Make progress reports on the state of advancement of the project;
  • Establish the Project Deliverables for the Commission;
  • Propose the Project budget to the Governing Board as well as the allocation of funding between the Contractors;
  • Propose and implement the competitive selection procedure for new contractors;
  • Make proposals to the Governing Board for changes in the consortium membership;
  • More generally propose any and all decisions required for the proper conduct of the project.

The Scientific Steering and Executive Committee is composed of the Work Package leaders and of the Coordinator and his Deputy Co-ordinator. It is chaired by the Project Coordinator.

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