Governing Board members

The GB is the overall decisive body of the consortium and constitutes representatives from all Beneficiaries and any additional contractors entering the project during its lifetime. It is this board which validates the major decisions concerning the project. The GB is the arbitration body for all decisions proposed by the Scientific Steering and Executive Committee. Thus, any Contractor may submit for arbitration by the GB any decision by the Scientific Steering and Executive Committee it deems to be contrary to its interests; the GB is also the decision-making body for any issue concerning the proper operation of the Consortium. In principle, approval by the GB shall be given by mail vote, upon proposition by the Scientific Steering and Executive Committee. It is anticipated that formal meetings of the Governing Board will be held only during the annual general assemblies of COMBINE. The matters to be acted upon by the Governing Board include:

  • Political and strategic orientation of the project;
  • The Consortium’s work plan and plan for using and disseminating the knowledge and their regular updates;
  • The Consortium’s budget and the financial allocation of the EU’s contribution between the various activities on the one hand, and between the various Contractors on the other;
  • Annual validation of the realised expenditure in accordance to the budget;
  • Changes in the Consortium membership;
  • Any major change in scientific plans relative to the initial agreed implementation plan;
  • Any major reallocation of budget between partners (if >10% of EC contribution);
  • Any alterations of the Consortium Agreements;
  • The acceptance of new Contractors as well as any exclusion of Contractors;
  • Any premature completion or termination of the project;

The chairman of the governing board will be elected from the members of the board for periods of 12 months and can not be member of the Scientific Steering and Executive Committee.

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