2-4 October 2013


Wageningen University and Research Centre

Direction to the ATLAS building where the meeting takes place, here.


The COMBINE GENERAL ASSEMBLY (GA) 2013 is the final general assembly of the project and will include scientific results from the whole project. Special focus of the GA will be on new knowledge on climate processes, feedbacks, impacts and implications for scenarios gained from the ESM components developed within the project. Call for oral and poster presentations, via abstract submission, is open.

Keynote speakers: F. J. Doblas-Reyes, T. Fichefet, U. Lohmann, C. Jones and S. Zaehle

Invited speakers: Y. Balkanski, C. Cagnazzo, L. Ganzeveld, R. Hutjes, D. Kracher, T. Krismer, F. Ludwig, F. Massonet, C. Rodehacke, R. Schadlach, J. Schwinger, D. Smith, I. Supit, D. van Vuuren, M. Weiss

The GA is scheduled to open 2. October 2013, 9:00 am; and close 4. October 2013, 1:00 pm.



Deadline Abstract submission (by email to combine@we dont want ): 10 September 2013

Abstract format: pdf file. Please include title, authors & affiliation, text. Underline name of presenting Author and provide email of presenting Author.


By submitting an Abstract as presenting Author, you are registered. If you are not a presenting Author, please register (by email to combine@we dont want ) giving your name, affiliation and email. Deadline: 10 September 2013

Later registrations will be possible - but may be critical to find accommodation.

Registration fee: 110 EUR per person for the three days, covering lunches, breaks, 2.Oct. Opening Reception and 3. Oct Dinner. 



Please note that accommodation may be difficult to find on a short notice. We therefore advise to book in advance. In addition to the Hof van Wageningen Hotel, where we have a block booking, there are other few possibilities in Wageningen, or in Ede. 

Block booking reservation: The block reservation is from Tuesday night (1.October) until Friday morning (4. October).

The Hotel is Hof van Wageningen:
Lawickse Allee 9
T +31 (0) 317 490 133
F +31 (0) 317 426 243
E  (for reservations). 

Reservation deadline: 23 August 2013

Reference to make a reservation for a hotel room: "General Assembly COMBINE”

Block booking offer (breakfast included):
•    Room, 98.50 EUR (single or double)
•    Luxurious apartment, 117.50 EUR (up to 2 people)

Please give in your email your address information.

Fulco Ludwig, Laurens Ganzeveld and Silvia Hartendorp

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