• To foster communication within the COMBINE scientific community.
  • To foster communication between COMBINE and the external scientific community.


  • To achieve the scientific integration fundamental for the major objectives and expectations of the project.
  • To maximize the use and dissemination of COMBINE results as well as to benefit of external experience during the development of the project.

Dissemination is achieved following the dissemination plan (D0.4). The main strategy for the dissemination of scientific results is via their publishing in peer reviewed journals (see the publication list page). In addition, we promote publications on the project (project news), the project Quarterly Newsletter (from year 2), the project Technical Report Series, the annual  General Assemblies , and the International Science Conference, during year 4.

Open Access Pilot in FP7: Beneficiaries are required to make their best efforts to ensure that electronic copies of their publications becomes available free of charge via the publisher or a repository (special clause 39 of Grant Agreement). Further details on Open Access Pilot in FP7 can be found here.


Publications in peer reviewed journals, reports, oral and poster presentations:

Scientific works of any form based in whole or in part on COMBINE results and data should include acknowledgments to the the project, the contract number and the funding agency: “This work was funded by the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme, under Grant Agreement number 226520, COMBINE project.”

COMBINE  and FP7 logos for use in presentations:

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