Principal investigators

Chiara Cagnazzo (ISAC-CNR), Neal Butchart (METO)




The starting point is given by the availability of atmosphere general circulation models with the capability to resolve stratospheric dynamical processes and including physically based parameterization of the momentum flux deposition from sub-grid scale (gravity) waves. WP3 will contribute to the COMBINE objective of advancing climate models by focusing on improving the modelling of the processes associated with increased vertical resolution and on the inclusion of a dynamical stratosphere. 

 Specific objectives:

  • Improve the understanding and the modelling of the stratosphere - troposphere dynamical feedback. Evaluate the implication of the stratosphere troposphere feedback for surface climate predictability on seasonal to decadal timescales.
  • Reduce uncertainties in the exchange of water vapour and other gases between the troposphere and the stratosphere. Reduce uncertainties in the distribution of water vapour in the upper troposphere.

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