Principal investigators

Ulrike Lohmann (ETHZ), Heikki Järvinen (UHEL)




By using several ESMs coupled to a complex aerosol-chemistry module we seek to understand possible changes to robust regional and global signals, such as:

  • Are shifts in the circulation regimes a consequence of the aerosol forcing across different ESMs?
  • What is the effect of the large regional surface forcing by aerosols and associated changes in the hydrological cycle on vegetation, biogenic sources and sinks?
  • Can we assemble enough knowledge on different feedbacks between biosphere, climate, and atmospheric aerosols and gases to identify major positive or negative feedbacks in relation to IPCC scenarios?

 Specific objectives:

In order to address these questions, it is proposed to develop and include chemistry, cloud and aerosol modules for ESM’s that:

  1. Provide an improved description of sub grid-scale aerosol-cloud interactions
  2. Couple tropospheric chemistry with aerosols and clouds
  3. Include feedbacks with vegetation considering the role of carbon- and nitrogen cycle.



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